Ziterdes - DunkelWelt King's Cascade

Ziterdes - DunkelWelt King's Cascade
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Majestically the river rises from the rock. The king watches over the cascade, the bridge and... mehr
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Majestically the river rises from the rock. The king watches over the cascade, the bridge and the island - which defies the freezing cold. Or - destructive and dragon hot, the molten rock pours out of the mountain as lava. Make his way down the valley and destroy everything that comes close to the stream. A third variant could be the green hell! Lush vegetation that rises up the river and is reflected in a hot, humid jungle. Not only does he shelter the Amazons, he is also a haven for pirates. Who knows what's in the caves behind the king? No matter which module you prefer or for which tabletop game system you use. The detailing, the high number of fields and the gaming possibilities will inspire you. The model is made of structure hard foam. This makes it very light but still extremely stable. The painting is easy. Invest some time in dry brushing and you will see how the details, corners and edges quickly come to light and enhance the model extremely. The single tile has the standard dungeon dimension of 25 x 25 mm. The module has a base height of 20 mm. This means that all DunkelWelt modules can be perfectly combined with the modules from Dunkelstadt, even if we use a tile measure of 27 x 27 mm here. The offset is hardly recognizable in practice and plays no role in the game anyway. Perfect Combined! The new modules can be perfectly combined with the other modules of DunkelWelt and Dunkelstadt! Expand your Dungeon or your Tabletop gaming table by the Dwarf Kingdom and the Church Ruin by integrating more terrain pieces into DunkelWelt.

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