Ziterdes - DunkelWelt Throne Room

Ziterdes - DunkelWelt Throne Room
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DunkelWelt Throne Room This throne room is more than worthy of a dwarven king. Low rising stairs... mehr
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DunkelWelt Throne Room This throne room is more than worthy of a dwarven king. Low rising stairs lead to the throne flanked by two imperious dragon heads. Behind the throne shield and ax as a sign of power and the strenght of the dwarves. Flanked by two dwarven statues on the left and right. Carved in stone and worked out to the smallest detail with large dwarven stonemasonry, they testify to the skills of the quarrelsome and drinking-resistant dwarfs. Due to the different levels and numerous details of the throne room, this DunkelWelt module convinces all along the line. The module has a footprint of 295 x 295 mm and a base height of 20 mm. Consisting of 12 x12 (144) tiles with a field size of 25 x 25 mm. This corresponds to the standard D & D dungeon dimensions of other systems such as e.g. Dwarf Forge. This allows the systems to be combined easily and quickly. The module is made of the incomparable structure hard foam of ZITERDES. This makes the module extremely lightweight, yet very robust and stable. In addition, the throne room is fast and easy to paint. A bit dry brushing and you have worked out the details in no time.

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