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Packs! Corebook PDF
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Welcome to Packs! … … the roleplaying game that leads you into the dark recesses of the... mehr
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Welcome to Packs! …

… the roleplaying game that leads you into the dark recesses of the Ratlair and lets you slip into a rat‘s fur to experience exciting, action-packed, yet humorous adventures. A selection of seven Hordes allows you to pick a unique background for your rat, while the Ratlair itself offers plenty of challenges and trials for all kinds of adventures: Chase the secrets of the Builders and their mysterious legacy, negotiate treaties between clans under the threat of a looming war, or face the dangers of a rat‘s daily life by fighting sneakers, blackwings, and other creatures.

Experience the popular German roleplaying game in its first international edition. Additional content for this edition includes two new Hordes (for a total of nine), a collection of adventure hooks, conversions for the Savage Worlds and Fudge rulesets, as well as SuperPacks!, an extensive superpowered mini-campaign. 

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