Adventurers! Core (Corebook)

Adventurers! Core (Corebook)
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Adventurers Revised Edition The core rules of the game, including the Player Guide , the... mehr
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Adventurers Revised Edition
The core rules of the game, including the Player Guide, the Game Master Guide, Character Sheet, Monster Cards and everything you need to play Adventurers!


Space Rangers

The exoticism of space opera meets space western in this setting: the heroes are Space Rangers, the last bastion of law in the Frontier Sector, protecting human colonies scattered among a number of far, untamed planets. They hunt outlaws and space pirates, bring medical help and advance the exploration of a largely unknown area of the universe.

Remember the Old West? Well, this is the same, but in space. And now, as millennia ago, the motto is still true: "One Riot, One Space Ranger". So take your old, battered spaceship, bring your posse with you and be ready to protect the Galaxy. Space ship rules (with customization options) included!

Voodoo Pirates

Avast, ye landlubbers! In this dark pirate setting, players adventure as swashbuckling heroes eager for fortune and fame on the Cursed Spanish Main. Drawing inspiration from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, players will sail the Cursed Caribbean as greedy pirates, rough privateers, hardy explorers, attractive governors’ daughters, dark Voodoo priests or cunning merchants. Will you hoard piles of treasure, or will you be eaten by ravenous zombies or drowned by the alluring Mermaids? 


New rules for handling naval battles and life at sea, severed limbs, eye patches, trained pets, sharp wits and dark voodoo practices make this setting a must for ye all, mateys!

Ausstattung: 114 Seiten, Softcover, s/w, Englisch

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